SAH BUM NIM FAITH GORDON MAZUR Kids Martial Arts Instructor

martial arts Bensalem


Sah Bum Nim Gordon-Mazur is a World Tang Soo Do certified 4th Dan and Instructor. She has been practicing the art of Tang Soo Do for over 35 years under such distinguished teachers as Grandmaster Jae Chul Shin and Senior Master John Godwin. Sah Bum Nim was the 2010 World Tang Soo Do Senior Black Belt Women’s World Champion and three time Regional Grand Champion. Her 4th Dan thesis was on overcoming your fears through setting and achieving goals in the martial arts. Sah Bum Nim brings a great deal of knowledge to help keep our instructors focused on developing self-confidence in our students which allows them to unlock their potential in the dojang and all areas of their lives.

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